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  • Are you aware of the risk of back pain in the workplace?

    Published on the 17 July 2017

    While there's always the risk of a catastrophic fall or some other disaster that might cause a grave injury in the workplace, the more likely way to put yourself in harm's way as an employee is much simpler - it's back pain. Far and away, it's the most common type of workplace injury.

  • Rehabbing from a workplace injury requires a total team effort

    Published on the 10 July 2017

    After you've been injured in a workplace incident, it might not be easy to recover fully and get yourself back to work. It might take a long time to recover physically, and then once you do, you might also have to relearn certain job tasks and ease back into a full workload.

  • Government, insurers trying to limit what workers can claim

    Published on the 05 July 2017

    In the wake of a workplace injury, people often rely on their insurance providers to help them get through the ordeal. In addition to the physical trauma you go through, getting hurt at work can often be difficult financially - you might lose wages while you're off the clock, not to mention the cost of medical treatment.

  • NSW cracks down on unsafe working environments

    Published on the 29 June 2017

    Aside from the paycheck of course, the other thing that all employers are obligated to give their employees is a safe place to work.

  • Answering your questions about the cost of a workplace injury

    Published on the 16 June 2017

    There's no escaping this fact - if you're dealing with a workplace injury, you're likely to have some hefty expenses to deal with. Your medical bills might only be the start of it - there's also the possibility of lost wages during the time you're unable to work, plus the cost of rehabilitation as you ease back into your job.

  • Does your employer owe you compensation for a workplace injury?

    Published on the 02 June 2017

    If you've gotten yourself injured at work, it's unlikely that the blame for the accident rests with you alone. Even if you made a clumsy mistake or a mental error, there's still a good chance that your employer is partially responsible for what happened.

  • 3 common questions about recovering from a workplace injury

    Published on the 25 May 2017

    If you're passionate about your job and take pride in working hard every day, it can be difficult to cope with an injury that renders you unable to perform. If your work is all you know and all you care about, what will you ever do without it?

  • Is your employer helping you get back to work post-injury?

    Published on the 22 May 2017

    For many individuals, the most stressful part of dealing with a workplace injury is figuring out how you can get back to work again. After all, the world doesn't stop turning just because you've gotten hurt - you still have a life, and expenses, and a clear need to keep making an income.

  • Does your business have a culture that supports injured workers?

    Published on the 19 May 2017

    What happens in your workplace when someone is injured on the job? Ideally, you'd have a strong network of people who spring to action and help their injured co-worker. Employees in this situation have all kinds of concerns - they need medical assistance, help with returning to work and possibly even a legal consultation to evaluate their case.

  • Building a compensation case of medical negligence when treatment goes awry

    Published on the 16 May 2017

    When you suffer an injury at your job, you often need to turn to a medical professional to get fast treatment and return to work as soon as possible. What if the treatment doesn't take, though? What if your doctor or nurse makes a mistake, and your condition only becomes worse?

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