Public Liability / Slip & Fall


If you were injured in a public area, at a private premises, at a shop or other commercial premises as the result of somebody elses negligence then you may be able to claim compensation for your injury.

For example, you may be eligible if you sustained injury in one of the following places or circumstances:

  • Shopping centre
  • Train station
  • Car park
  • Nightclub
  • Hotel
  • Club
  • School
  • Playground
  • Park
  • Home or apartment you were renting or visiting
  • Office building
  • Worksite
  • Sporting activities
  • Recreational activities

Marshall & Gibson Compensation Lawyers are the trusted Experts in the Sydney CBD offering years of experience in negligence claims. Please contact us and we will be able to assess your claim and advise you on what to do next.

Have you suffered personal injury due to the negligence of someone else?

Marshall & Gibson Lawyers can help you recover compensation for:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Time off work, both past and future
  • Loss of Superannuation
  • Medical and rehabilitation expenses, both past and future
  • Domestic assistance as a result of receiving care and not being able to perform household duties
  • Special needs, such as modifications to your home and vehicle

Our compensation lawyers will prepare and manage your personal injury claim in Sydney and deal with the insurance company on your behalf.

We will ensure that your legal rights are protected and advise you whether any offer of settlement from the insurance company is worth accepting so that you don’t end up settling your case for less than what it is worth.

We can help you recover personal injury compensation in Sydney

The Marshall & Gibson experience begins with a free initial consultation from an expert personal injury lawyer in Sydney to assess your claim. Following this initial consultation, we will prepare your case and make a claim against the insurer of the person or company who are responsible for your injuries. We will manage all communications with the insurance company on your behalf, and give you ongoing information and advice regarding the progress of your claim.

Our injury compensation lawyers in Sydney will act on your behalf on a “No Win-No Fee” basis, so there will be no upfront costs at all to you. Most cases settle before they go to court. However, if we do need to take your case to court to obtain a fair settlement for you, your Marshall & Gibson legal representation comes with the backing of our highly experienced court barristers, expert witnesses and other resources.

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