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  • Answering all your questions about workers' compensation

    Published on the 05 September 2017

    The workers' comp process is an important one, but it's confusing and often misunderstood. It can be helpful to run through all the basics and make sure you're prepared to file a claim in the future, just in case that need arises. Here's a look at four questions that people commonly ask about the process.

  • Dealing with hospital mistakes

    Published on the 24 August 2017

    While accidents are a part of life, when it comes to medical care, mistakes can have debilitating consequences. Unfortunately, data from the World Health Organisation found that Australia has the highest rate of healthcare mistakes in the world. If you have placed your wellbeing in the hands of a hospital and they did not properly fulfil their duty of care, you may be able to make a claim.

  • How to make a claim of medical negligence in Australia

    Published on the 23 August 2017

    If you have any reason to suspect you've been mistreated by a doctor or nurse in Australia, this suspicion is absolutely worth following up on. If a medical professional has done real damage to you, and it's something you can prove, then you may well be entitled to some compensation.

  • In NSW, the reporting of medical negligence claims is mandatory

    Published on the 18 August 2017

    We all like to have the utmost faith in our medical professionals. When we go to see a doctor or nurse about a pressing health situation, we want to trust that they'll do their jobs well and everything will be OK. Unfortunately, though, even medical pros are only human, and they sometimes make mistakes. These mistakes can at times be quite costly.

  • What you can do to avoid motorbike accidents

    Published on the 07 August 2017

    Riding a motorbike is always risky, and it's becoming more so all the time. The Daily Telegraph noted that as more people have begun learning to ride motorbikes in recent years, the rate of motorcycle accidents has increased. Bikers used to be responsible for under 20 per cent of all collisions on the road in Australia; that figure is now closer to 30 per cent.

  • Motorbike accidents can be catastrophic, resulting in injury or death

    Published on the 01 August 2017

    If you're ever in an accident involving a motorbike, it can be really serious. You might sustain major injuries - or even risk death. According to the Motorcycle Council of NSW, motorbikes are only responsible for about 6 per cent of all crashes on the state's roads, but they account for 10 per cent of injuries and 15 per cent of deaths.

  • Are you aware of the risk of back pain in the workplace?

    Published on the 17 July 2017

    While there's always the risk of a catastrophic fall or some other disaster that might cause a grave injury in the workplace, the more likely way to put yourself in harm's way as an employee is much simpler - it's back pain. Far and away, it's the most common type of workplace injury.

  • Rehabbing from a workplace injury requires a total team effort

    Published on the 10 July 2017

    After you've been injured in a workplace incident, it might not be easy to recover fully and get yourself back to work. It might take a long time to recover physically, and then once you do, you might also have to relearn certain job tasks and ease back into a full workload.

  • Government, insurers trying to limit what workers can claim

    Published on the 05 July 2017

    In the wake of a workplace injury, people often rely on their insurance providers to help them get through the ordeal. In addition to the physical trauma you go through, getting hurt at work can often be difficult financially - you might lose wages while you're off the clock, not to mention the cost of medical treatment.

  • NSW cracks down on unsafe working environments

    Published on the 29 June 2017

    Aside from the paycheck of course, the other thing that all employers are obligated to give their employees is a safe place to work.

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